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Photo Credit:  Amina Ford Photography

Matej’s Interview with

“'Ice dancing is still skating at its core' Dancing on Ice star Matej Silecky reveals skating secrets” by James Collins

Matej's June 2018 Interview with TresA Magazine

"In January 2018, Matej Silecky appeared as one of the professional ice skaters on the returning ITV series of Dancing on Ice and partnered Coronation Street’s Brooke Vincent where they finished runners-up ...." 


blog written for Angel Cat Crafts, site of dancing on ice fan, Caroline W.

“I have had the wonderful opportunity to hear from Matej Silecky how art has influenced his life and career. Below, in his own words, Matej shares with us his creative imagination and stunning upcoming projects.” ~Caroline W.

matej's dancing on ice interview with colinfansdotcom


Photo Credit:  Amina Ford Photography

Interview on ITV This Morning

Last woman standing, Brooke Vincent chats about gearing up for the weekend with partner Matej Silecky, and shares how she's juggled being in the competition while still working on Coronation Street. Broadcast on 01/03/2018

An Interview with Matej Silecky, director of Baba Babee Skazala: Grandmother Told Grandmother

~ by Al Nigrin for New Jersey Stage

undergraduate awards blog - where are they now special: matej silecky

We interrupt our regular #WhereAreTheyNowWednesday programming to bring you some very exciting news about our 2014 alumnus, Matej Silecky!


An Interview with Matej Silecky about Baba Babee Skazala

~ by Gary Wien for New Jersey Stage

Brooke Vincent and Matej Silecky interview I, Tonya premiere

Interviewer: Sarah Bradbury Video: Marta Starczynowska Editor: Filippo L'Astorina

First-time filmmaker and New Jersey resident has documentary premiere at Fall Festival

~ by Ken Downey, Jr. for Time OFF NJ